Moderate Christian Blog Roundup

I went wandering through the Moderate Christian Blog Aggregator today. I really should do this more often as there are always some really excellent posts. I simply try to read so much stuff that I often don’t get around to writing about all the things I’d like to. In any case, here are some selected entries with my (hopefully) brief thoughts. I am only including posts that are fairly recent.

I’m taking these entries in the random blog order (entries for each blog are in reverse date order) in which they appeared on the aggregator when I looked at it.

Everyday Liturgy
I chose too entries from Everyday Liturgy, though there are others that are great. The first is Negative Capability, which will challenge you to look at faith as poetry rather than as prose, a very fine idea all around! The second is A Gendered View of God, which may help us take a broader view of God and gender.

From Monastic Mumblings, a Friar’s Journey I’d like to highlight Twofold Coming of Jesus Christ, which comes largely from Cyril of Jerusalem, but is an excellent and relevant selection from that.

From In Praise Of Jesus we have a practical, classical sermon from George Mueller, titled Real Faith.

On The Dream Factory Tom Sims tells us that he always chooses hope in his entry These Are the Days.

Bruce Alderman keeps busy at It Seems to Me…. but what caught my eye as a Bible teacher was our need for the word, in which he calls for a subjective experience of the word. I’d note that the objective study has its place, but we do not become transformed by the word through merely objective study. We often look at “subjective” as somehow less than objective. Subjective is different, not less than, not more than, but it is a personal view.

Coops was here provided discussions of God’s fairness in Why does God seem to play favorites? and the relationship between what we believe and going to hell in Does God Damn People Because They Believe Something Different? – A response.

Donny Prater at A Man Coming Alive is Running the Gauntlet of Temptation and learning what’s truly important in life in Bobblehead Spirituality. (Hint: It isn’t bobblehead figures, though he says they’re cool. I’ll take his word for it!)

Kievas Fargo on Sharing a Journey is participating in the RGPB Friday Five with his post Friday Five: Yuletide favorites, and he has some nice things to say about one of my posts in The egalitarian worldview, though I probably shouldn’t mention that. Oops! I already did. 🙂

Bill Vernick at The Wordwright wants us to quit TAMPERING WITH REALITY in the way that we use words.

The Pen of the Wayfarer writes about a comforting vision in A Matinee with the Trinity and some things that can be brought forth by pain in Pain at Christmas, Pain in the Christmas Story.

Gavin (Hit the Back Button to Move Fwd) is responding to a post about far right youth ministries in huffington post on the far right youth ministries, and calling on all to get involved in a challenge to the Methodist blogosphere (though I don’t suspect outside help would be declined!) in your best millennial life now

At E-Merging Daniel is in the video and pics business!

Donny continues his online and ongoing testimony (for which kudos to him!) at Donny’s Ramblings: Diary of a FORMER Pornographer with his latest entry Heartache and Negativity. He may dislike reading negative things at a blog, but I appreciate his willingness to share.

The Pacesetters Bible School Newletter features two new contributors, Rev. Geoffrey Lentz in Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Dr. Bob McKibben with Inspired and Empowered – Apportionments and Connectionalism

Peter Kirk (Speaker of Truth) and I have both been rather heavily involved in responding to Adrian Warnock’s interview with Dr. Wayne Grudem. Peter’s most recent entry on that topic is Adrian Warnock closes his blog to comments… but he’s also asking Does God know what time it is?

Since I often write devotionals for my wife, I’m making sure to feature one of her entries from jodydevotionals at Yahoo! Groups, here message on God’s gifts and our expectations, Monday Morning Devotion 12/18/06. Note that even though all the entries show me as the author that’s because Jody sends them to me and I post them. Even when I write them they go to her first and she selects and edits before deciding what to post.

From my own blogs, I’d like to note some words on trajectories and how they can be used in scripture, a blank verse attempt at Psalm 103, which may be more of a demonstration of my lack of poetic ability. I’m not totally happy with it, but here it is!

Note: I’m going to cross-post this entry on the Pacesetters Bible School Newsletter blog. I’m not certain how trackbacks are going to work, but we’ll see!

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