Paying for Education: Class Size

In 2002 Florida voters approved an amendment ordering the state to reduce class size. As with so many such amendments, the state was left to look for a way to provide the teachers and pay them. The story in my home county, Escambia, and in neighboring Santa Rosa county is in today’s Pensacola News-Journal. In a fit of journalistic optimism, it’s titled New teachers filling void, but the bottom line is that the local schools have a bit of a problem filling the necessary teaching slots with qualified people.

Some of the available solutions are good, such as providing an accelerated pathway for people with degrees, but who are not certified in education. But a great deal will have to be done to fill these classrooms with teachers who will help prepare our young people to be productive citizens.

And that puts the burden back on the voters. Will we pay for this? It’s a good thing; we voted to mandate it. Will we be as responsible when we find out that smaller classes cost more money?

I’m firmly convinced that the results will be worth it.

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