When Strategies Change Hands

I was just watching Chris Matthews on Hardball who is quite upset about the 60% requirement for a Senate cloture vote because it prevents an up-and-down vote on the stimulus package.

I seem to recall Democratic outrage at the “nuclear option” which would have removed that requirement for certain types of votes on judicial nominations.

It seems that when the tool is in the hand of the other party it is no longer an important protection for freedom; now it’s obstructionism. Of course this rhetoric is no surprise from Chris Matthews but he’s not alone.

And in case we might think this is only done by one party, we have Republicans now who are upset at scare tactics in pushing economic stimulus, yet they have been quite free in using scare tactics in support of unnecessary methods such as indefinite incarceration without any charge and the use of torture. Dick Cheney has just reminded us of this with some irresponsible rhetoric–again, something not unexpected from Dick Cheney.

Oh well, as Bernard in Yes, Prime Minister would say, it’s an irregular verb: I strategize brilliantly, you sneak a bit, the other guy lies damnably.

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