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In Which God do we Trust?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I’m never one to shrink from producing a thousand words–or ten! I wonder what a video is worth? A certain number of words per frame?

In any case, I wrote earlier about God being mocked in the campaign and I even commented on how “In God We Trust” on our money must be some sort of national joke, considering that we don’t really trust God as a nation, and we do so in our financial affairs least of all.

Now comes an image that’s worth every bit of it:

A Golden Calf?
A Golden Calf?

You can find some more pictures and even video of some singing and (almost) dancing (Exodus 32:17-19) around the calf here.

In relation to this, consider the following ad from the Liddy Dole campaign in North Carolina. Hear the part about “In God We Trust” on the money? What on earth is “godless money” anyhow, other than, of course, money that we put ahead of God and thus make into an idol.

Well, that was probably easy to go through than a few thousand words!

HT: One Thing I Know. Also to Dispatches from the Culture Wars for the video.

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