Amateur Extra

No, not an extra in a movie, Amateur Radio Extra class license.

This post should fall under the category of “personal” and “bragging”, but yesterday evening I took and passed the text for my Amateur Extra class license.

What does this let me do? Well, pretty much nothing that I couldn’t do already, and wasn’t anyhow.

The story is this. My brother, N3AU, wanted me to inherit my father’s callsign, KT4B, which I could only do with an extra class license. Since it was 35 years ago that I passed my Advanced class, a license that is no longer available, and I was also inactive, I wasn’t all that anxious to study up and take the text, but with pressure from him and from my mother (WB7OIU), I finally went and did it. My head is currently filled with stuff like semiconductor materials, antenna radiation patterns, and resonant (or not) circuits. But that is already fading rapidly.

So anyhow, I have proven that I can still remember a few formulas, regulations, and other assorted electronic data, at least for several minutes.

I now return you to our regular programming.

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