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Today I attended Pensacola’s First United Methodist Church where Dr. Wesley Wachob is pastor. He recently saw the movie Expelled!, and though he said he recommended people see it, he proceeded to dump pretty heavily on the movie’s content. He encouraged the church’s young people to become “brilliant scientists” and noted that there is no contradiction between good theology and good science, and that creationism is not science, no matter how you dress it up.

Some of the wording may differ in the audio I’m linking, because he preaches three times, and the audio is not of the same service I attended (9:45 am), but I listened to sections, and it sounds like the goal was much the same.

More pastors need to speak boldly like this to their congregations so that people will realize that creationism isn’t the only Christian option. It’s good when Christians who are scientists speak out; we need more theologians, and specifically more pastors to do so.

You can find the audio on this page. Click on the little speaker by “The Unknown God.” (Update: Comments on science start at about 14:30.)

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    1. That is an excellent question. Since he didn’t give the ID folks any comfort otherwise, I think he was throwing a bone out to those who support ID–you ought to give them the consideration of a hearing.

      Personally, I’m not going. The trailer is bad enough, and if that is their best foot forward, as such things are supposed to be, I’d have a hard time watching the rest without gagging.

  1. Henry,

    Thanks for the link. As for Expelled, I recommend you see it if only to be smart on what Ben Stein, et al, is pushing. Of course, I won free tickets, so I didn’t have to pay my hard-earned money. But if you subscribe to Netflix or Blockbuster Access, you should be able to rent it without worrying about Ben Stein winning his own money. :::rimshot:::

    BTW, here’s my own review. Enjoy!

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