No More -MORE-

OK, the votes are in and I see some people who don’t like -MORE- tags, and nobody who really, really wants them, so I’m going to go with my inclinations and not use them at all. I used them so rarely, and so inconsistently that it was probably not going to work anyhow.

Thanks to those who responded, and to those who didn’t, thus allowing me to imagine that their viewpoint supported what I wanted to believe in the first place!

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  1. That’s too bad; I was actually returning after reading that post to chime in that I personally like the tag (and use them abundantly, on almost every post that is longer than a few paragraphs). I don’t know that I like them too much as a blog consumer (blogsumer?), but I think they make the main page look much cleaner.

    On another note, I would actually prefer if there was a plugin (although it won’t benefit me for my two free blogs on WordPress) that would allow the content after the more tag to be hidden and then to display automatically with the more tag (it’s a Javascript function – uses it). I haven’t seen one yet, but it would solve my main complaint at least.

  2. Hsm. My comment, supporting burying -more-, got swallowed.

    I read via RSS in Safari. If I have to click through (other than to comment), then, frankly, I can’t be arsed.

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