Totally Restored (I Presume!)

Everything should be back in place now. I found some additional glitches, including several posts with zeroed out dates (that puts them in 1969, which is miraculous!), but I think things are working again.

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  1. You are still missing a comment by Kevin on “Church Politics Good and Bad”, “Posted on: Wed, Feb 27 2008 8:52 AM”. That is unless you deleted this as too explicit in naming where things are bad.

    1. Well, that’s among the comments that were not in any backup, so I must have missed it when I looked through by hand. I think what happened it that it was posted between restorations, and so just got left out. I just reposted it.

      While I like to avoid naming names in ministry criticism, I’m not going to censor my comments on that point.

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