Gov. Bobby Jindal Interview

I enjoyed Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (transcript). Here’s a rising star in the Republican party. He also knows some of the importance of not only having a message but communicating it.

I was interested in his comments on Barack Obama:

But I will say this about the other two major candidates. Senator Obama, I agree with those that find him inspiring. I think he does bring a genuineness and enthusiasm. I think he’s an inspirational speaker.

I don’t agree with him on a lot of the issues. I do think he is more liberal than I am. But I think there is something that explains the large turnouts and enthusiasm he’s generating.

…. [skip several paragraphs]

And what I think people find so inspirational in the senator’s rhetoric — and I certainly think what resonated with voters when they voted for me — was that they are tired of all the ideological fighting, they are tired of the partisan fighting.

In a democracy, we should disagree. We should have debates. We should stand up for our principles. But it isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about finding common ground and enacting common sense (inaudible)…

I could say a very similar thing about Jindal that I say about Obama. I disagree with both of them on some policy points, but I think they both have a very positive impact on the political process from everything I’ve seen thus far. I will never be able to vote for a candidate with whom I agree on everything. But I’m seeing some leaders here with whom I disagree, but who are nonetheless people I can respect.

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