Arrogant Reporters

One of the interesting things about commentary on the war is that though Laura of Pursuing Holiness and I disagree almost completely on the war in Iraq, we can agree that the press has done a miserable job of reporting it. In addition, we can agree that the press tends to combine incompetence and arrogance in pretty much the most annoying measure possible.

Today in her post The Breathtaking Arrogance of Reporters she provides some quotes, and also some statistics:

While 85.3% of people describe “professional journalism

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  1. As a former reporter, I have to say criticism of the press as falliable and limited in intelligence as any other collection of humans is fair.

    I’m not sure what the arrogant charge is.

    I’ve been accused of being too credulous. I’ve been accused of being unnecessarily aggressive. I’ve been accused of being insensitive. I’ve been accused of being too cowardly to ask the tough questions. And, I’ve made lots of mistakes.

    But I don’t know any journalists who are intentionally uncaring or malicious. They are limited in what they can do, for sure. And the mighty dollar does limit what they can do too often.

    But they are not, as a group, any more reprehensible than any other group of people I’ve met.

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