Philophronos Blogroll

Laura has posted some code to help add this important new blogroll to your site. Just head down to the bottom of that post to copy and paste. This blogroll is not just about this election. We wanted it to appear before this election, but we’ll be going straight into presidential issues leading up to 2008, and there will always be political blogging.

I understand the need for blogrolls with scrollbars, because even with two sidebars, things get busy, and it’s hard to post everything. But the blogosphere is about communicating and exchanging ideas, and this is the sort of thing that can help.

If the bloggers on this philophronos blogroll will post in accordance with the guidelines, not only will there be more dialogue, there is some hope that we can educate ourselves and some other voters about the candidate positions on issues.

Let’s help make the next election more about issues and less about mudslinging, personalities, and media packaging.

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