Moderate Christian Blog Aggregator/Roll – Status Report

A little over a month ago (August 12, 2006) I started the Moderate Christian Blog Aggregator and the related blogroll. To get the ball rolling, I included my three blogs (three so I can segregate my areas of interest more easily) and one group blog to which I’m primary contributor. I also included my wife’s devotional group on Yahoo!. That made five initial sites. Since then we’ve added seven more. I certainly want this thing to get bigger, but I’m neither disappointed nor overwhelmed by that level of growth.

Here’s the blogroll as it is today:

I think that’s a pretty good gathering of sites for a start.

Note that there is no requirement in terms of linking for inclusion in the aggregator–just give me permission and your feed, using the form on the standards page, which also defines what I mean by moderate. It would be nice to have some links to the aggregator, but I believe it will gather those on its own. I do ask that those on the blogroll display the blogroll somewhere, either on a permanent page or their sidebar.

I am working on some better error control for the aggregator, and I also have a system that will simply list posts by date in the works, but I’m hesitant to implement it, because if we simply list posts by date, that heavily favors the frequently updated blogs, and in this case those are probably mine. Any feedback on this issue would be appreciated. At the moment I’m leaning toward implementing the second option, so a reader could choose simple listing by date, irrespective of source, or listing by source blog.

Thanks to all for participating, and I look forward to continued growth.

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  1. Henry, I have submitted my blog for your blogroll, but I’m not sure if you will consider me “moderate” enough. Indeed I’m not sure I would want to call myself that. And I might be more concerned than you are comfortable with to evangelise rather than dialogue with people of other faiths. Well, you have seen my blog and my BBB postings, so I will leave it to you to decide whether to accept me.

    Also I don’t know what to fill in for “Blog RSS”. I know that my Blogger blog offers an RSS feed, but I don’t know how to find it. Perhaps you can find it for me!

  2. Peter,

    Well, I can help you with the second question. Just add “atom.xml” to your blog’s normal URL and you’ll get the atom feed. I should fix the form to say Atom/RSS, because the aggretator will read either.

    As for whether you’re moderate, that’s a question on which I’ve been saying, “If in doubt, say yes.” That’s seems a relatively moderate approach.

    As for evangelism, have you seen any of my defenses of the terms “evangelism” and “mission?”

    BTW, I’m writing a post this afternoon with hat tip to you. Speaker of Truth has become a quite regular read for me.

    So I’ve added you to the aggregator and the roll.

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