Moderate Christian Blogroll

I’ve been way behind on giving alerts to what is happening on the blogs of the Moderate Christian blogroll, so today I did a bit of work, and I think I’ve improved the options for linking to one another by providing an aggregator that itself has an RSS feed. This only allows either titles or titles + summaries. It won’t copy your entire post, and it provides links back to your posts. If anyone is uncomfortable with this, please let me know. It is no more than the current aggregator prints, but it does add the aggregated RSS feed.

I created a blog solely for the purpose of testing how these worked on blogs, so right now I’ve posted the instructions there. Check these out here. A copy of the aggregator is available as a page on this blog, here, along with the feed URL for the aggregated RSS feed.

I am going to try using that blog for awhile to post updates from the blogroll, perhaps 5 blogs at a time, but I’m not sure that is even necessary, considering what the aggregator accomplishes. If I link to any posts from here it won’t be just because they’re on the blogroll, but rather because I want to comment on them. I might give up on this option, but that blog will stay up in any case to help me help those who have blogs.

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