Wesley Blog Back/Goodbye to Wesley Daily

Shane Raynor has returned to blogging after a summer hiatus. The Wesley Blog is back, but at the same time he announces the end of his experiment with the Wesley Daily. I’ll miss the Wesley Daily, because often Shane’s picks of a post for the day gave me good material to blog about. However, the Methodist Blogs Weekly Roundup on Locusts and Honey still helps me with that. Welcome Back Shane!

The demise of Wesley Daily has made me decide to go ahead with an experiment I was planning over on the Pacesetters Bible School Newsletter. Yes, I know, it’s a fairly boring title, but there it is. It’s a group blog, though I’ve been the most prolific poster, and often I’ve been the one to post material provided by others. I started to write a note requested entries from people who would like to allow me to cross-post, similar to what was done on Wesley Daily, or also simply to contribute material, but I laid it aside, because I was thinking my idea was too similar to Wesley Daily.

But there are some substantial differences, and now there’s no Wesley Daily, so I’m going to try it. I’ll post over there later in the day. The big differences are these: 1) Pacesetters is interdenominational, and the small essential doctrinal statement will be posted there and 2) The purpose will be to post material useful those involved in religious education, and particularly youth and young adult level religious ed. I’ll define that broadly, and I’ll flesh this out a little over there.

Oh, and thanks to Shane for the great idea. 🙂

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