Colgate Cares Giving Child Fun Center

Colgate Cares will give one fun center to a hospital and they are inviting votes as to where it will go.

Many of my readers know that in 2004 we lost our 17 year old son James to cancer after a five year battle. Each year our son John Webb, supported by the rest of the family and many friends, hold the John Webb Winter Golf Tournament to raise money for the child life program at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital here in Pensacola. The reason we chose that particular project was simply that James chose it before he died. He said that was the most difficult thing for him, and that is also not where the big bucks usually go.

Right now the Colgate site has suspended voting for a technical issue, but I want to call your attention to it in any case, and hopefully you will get on there and vote for a hospital near you or one you prefer. More importantly, take this opportunity to look at some of the hospitals and consider getting involved just a bit. Childhood cancer is very difficult for parents, children, families, friends, and all the wonderful medical professionals who fight it. Every ray of sunshine is appreciated.

So go and vote, and also learn.

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