Somewhat of a Calvinist?

Having located a Peter Kirk approved quiz, Testing Your C-Factor, I decided I really must take it. The results?

I’m “somewhat of a Calvinist.” Really? I do like the part about being “slightly hedonistic.”

Test your C-Factor: 53%
You are somewhat of a Calvinist.

Some of your points of view make you look like a Calvinist. However, you live your life in a lighter way than Calvinists do, which allows you to enjoy it more.

ID Category Score Comment
52 Work 71% You sure have a Calvinistic working ethos. You never work hard enough; work for you is your bounden duty. You are the type of employee any company desires, but the balance between your work and private life may get disturbed.
55 Strictness 20% You know how to enjoy life. You don't always spend your time in a useful way. Mind the balance!
57 Sobriety 50% You were not born to be a Calvinist. Catholicism suits you better – slightly hedonistic, loose and emotional.
56 Relationships 33% In your relationships you are not very reserved. One might say: uncalvinistic. You let yourself go too easily to be a Calvinist.
53 Beliefs 40% You are an unconcerned believer, who doesn't worry too much.

It seems to me, however, that often Calvinists would object to the way in which they are described in this quiz. Further, while including “digital” (perhaps better “binary”) thinking as a trait of Calvinists, the quiz authors write a binary quiz. But that is the nature of quizzes such as this. They are either so complex that nobody wants to complete them, or so simplistic that the results are of little value.

In my opinion, of course …

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One Comment

  1. Wait… keeping my promises makes me more a Calvanist than, say, a Lutheran or Anglican or Baptist? Why?

    I think the quiz is based more on silly stereotypes of Calvinists than any real theological basis. But, then again, no one ever claimed that it was really a scientific process, making internet quizzes. 😉

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