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Prayer Training

Over on the Pacesetters Bible School News blog I have posted an entry on prayer teams and prayer training.

Prayer training seems to be quite rare in churches. It’s possible that we generally feel that prayer isn’t something that should be taught, but rather is something that just happens. Many pastors that I’ve talked to over the last few years tell me that they had no training in prayer prior to taking up their first parish, and that it is one thing they really wish they could have known more about.

Basic prayer training, in my view, is largely a matter of clearing the ground. We have so many ideas about what we can or cannot say to God that it interferes with our ability just to commune with our heavenly Father. (Pacesetters offers programs on prayer, which I teach with my wife.)

But when it comes to prayer ministry, there is a great deal more that can be said. . . .
Read more at Prayer Team Training.

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