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A God Without Wrath

… a God without wrath does not plan to do much liberating. Indeed, that God’s anger is kindled when harm is done to the least among us not only gives us hope that earthly injustices don’t have the last word but also insight into God’s compassionate nature.

Deanna Thompson, Deuteronomy (Belief: a Theological Cimmentary on the Bible), 31

This is an excellent point. We need to think about what is necessary when evil asserts itself.

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  1. It’s interesting to contrast modern culture’s resistance to the idea of God as wrathful with the modern tendency to react with rage about perceived injustice. If it’s valid to be extremely angry with what you see as injustice, how can it be invalid for God (who perceives injustice far more accurately than we ever can) to be just as angry?

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