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Eschatology: Ezekiel 1 – II

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My post is very late, so I expect I won’t have a live audience tonight at all (they’re always very small), but still I need to provide the link for those who watch later. There will be some interesting connections tonight with my discussion with Steve Kindle (and his book I’m Right and You’re Wrong) on the video below:

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  1. I’m wondering if you’ve contemplated, in aid of understanding Ezekiel’s vision, doing a formal Ignatian Visualisatory prayer on the passage? I’ve contemplated this, following listening to you, and the first thing which occurs to me is not to attempt it without a spiritual director, preferably one immediately to hand. Ignatian prayer I find to be an extremely powerful technique, and it has on occasion resulted in a tactile apparition. That is not too much of a problem with most of the gospel passages which are commonly used, but could be rather more exciting than I’d prefer with this kind of graphic vision passage.

    1. I hadn’t contemplated such an activity, and even was momentarily stumped by the name. I think you’re much more familiar with spiritual practices than I am. I came to this point through a very intellectual approach. Even my discussion of the vision state started with an observation about someone else’s supposed state, and not something I knew from experience.

      Ezekiel 1 was, however, somewhat of a turning point for me, and has led to where I would say I take an initially intellectual approach but now seasoned by more mystical experience. Oddly, I find myself much more able to communicate with those whose experience could be described as mystical.

      And this comment itself, I think, shows my tendency to describe the swimming pool and the process of swimming rather than jumping in the water! 🙂

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