Proper and Rightful Role for Iowa Caucuses?

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According to CNN, Iowa Republican Chairman Matt Strawn commented on those states that are trying to move their primaries earlier in the process:

“I don’t think its any secret that Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina have historically worked together, and we are in communication, and we will do what is necessary to maintain our proper and rightful role in the process,” he said.

I have no idea what makes it either proper or rightful for the Iowa caucuses to be first in the nation, or the New Hampshire primary to be the first primary. In fact, I think the idea is ridiculous, and the parties should give up on this.

Since party conventions have become a waste of time, except as a PR event, the timing of primaries has become ridiculous. There’s no reason these particular states should have the first say in choosing party candidates.

But what annoys me even more is the extent to which state legislatures are involved in setting up party events. I see this whole fight (and the one we had in 2008, as even more reason to de-institutionalize the two major parties. Let the parties pay for and organize whatever events they want in order to select the props for their media events, mislabeled conventions.


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