Bob MacDonald on Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is one of my favorite (at least top 10) passages in the Bible, especially since I had to memorize it (in the KJV) back when I was about 12 years old.  Bob MacDonald is writing a series on it in Hebrew that is well worthwhile following.  Start with his first post.

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  1. Thank-you Henry – I am trying to catch up with my other blog’s series on the Hebrew letters – examining grammar in Ruth. I am hoping the two studies will complement each other and then I hope to be sufficiently ‘fluent’ to continue the Ruth story. Had you ever heard the theory (10th century Saadya) that the Hebrew letters divide into two groups of 11? I have tried it – and I think it is very helpful. The 11 grammatical letters and the 11 others – where grammatical letter is defined as a letter that can form a close enclitic – without maqqep – with words. I have not found the definitive list! So I made up my own. (here is my reasoning). Next time I am at the library I will try and see if I can get another view of this division.

  2. In all my recent posts on grammar, I am coloring the grammar green – and the letters of that first group : aleph, bet, he, vav, yod, kaf, lamed, mem, nun, shin, tav help me see the grammar more quickly. I will see if I can make the two series more obvious with links.

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