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I’m adding another site to my blogroll, Transformed Daily. I got an e-mail from blogger Eric Jones on this one, thinking there might be some synergy, and after reading a bit, I think there is.

A couple of entries that really caught my eye:

ARE YOU A TRAINED FLEA CHRISTIAN OR ARE YOU A FREE FLEA CHRISTIAN? — this is really good. Read it and think about it!

I Said the Prayer – Now Make Me Happy. This is an exceptionally good short piece on our reading. Now why would I, a Christian writer and publisher, promote a blog entry that talks about reading too many Christian books? I do so because Eric is absolutely right here. My experience as a Bible teacher (and my publishing started and still continues primarily in support of that ministry) has put me in contact with many, many Christians who are thinking about Bible study or playing around with it. But what they do primarily is read books about the Bible or books that they think go more directly to the answer. But there’s a reason Jesus spoke in parables, and there’s a reason why the treasure–knowledge of God–is not strewn over the surface. So if you’re going to buy that Christian book in place of studying your Bible, even if I’m the publisher or author, think twice.

I expect to enjoy keeping track of Eric’s postings in the future.

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