The Kingdom of God is a Monarchy

Brian McLaren, author of The Secret Message of Jesus and co-author of Adventures in Missing the Point with Tony Campolo, among many other books, has an article currently on the Sojourner web site entitled Found in Translation. I want to thank Shane Raynor of Wesley Blog for calling my attention to this article with his entry Brian McLaren: Shark-Jumper or Prophet. Raynor expresses his concern at abandoning the kingdom terminology.

I first want to say that I have really appreciated Brian McLaren’s writing. While I did not agree with everything in it (who could?) I found Adventures in Missing the Point to be challenging and helpful. Indeed, I found the article itself quite helpful. McLaren offers six new metaphors to use in discussing what the rest of us would call “the kingdom of God.” He calls the term “kingdom of God” so “last century.” All of these metaphors have an element of truth in them about God’s work. All of them have some value in communicating God’s will and God’s way to modern people. He says, “In addition, for many today, kingdom language evokes patriarchy, chauvinism, imperialism, domination, and a regime without freedom

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