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What About the Election?

I’m both unsurprised and unconcerned. Why do I say that when I urged people to vote? I believe in participation. I believe in doing our best with the political system we have available to us. I don’t believe in getting worried about it. In addition, by following good polling data, and avoiding partisan inflation of the favorable (and deflation of unfavorable) results I was fairly certain of most results. While people complain about the accuracy of polling, there are less surprises than it seems. We just emphasize those cases where there was an upset. “Person Expected Wins Race” is a boring headline. “Upset in Election” is much more exciting and memorable.

Does it make a difference? Yes it does. For example, the change in the composition of the senate no doubt alters the landscape for judicial appointments, potentially including ones for the supreme court over the next two years. I think there will be people who stayed home who would have liked a different reality. The question is whether they will recognize the source of the hardships encountered by their causes.

Energion author Bob Cornwall responded in a post titled The Election is Over — God Still Reigns. Just so!

We’re going to have a response from three more Energion authors. Click here for the event information on Google Hangouts. I expect a lively discussion considering the participants.

In case you want to come back here to watch, I’m embedding the YouTube.

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