Fences: Mending or Rending

Note: This sermon was presented on September 11, 2005 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Pensacola. Readings for meditation were Mending Wall, by Robert Frost, The Holy Qur’an 49:13a, and The Picket Fence by Christian Morgenstern, translated by Max Knight (links are to places on the web where the reading can be found). It was…

Katrina’s Lessons

There’s a new essay on Philosoraptor dealing with Hurricane Katrina. Carol Roper makes some excellent points though she is somewhat harsher on the government than I was. What is clear is that we must find out specifically who is responsible, and hold them accountable. Saying the results are not acceptable, but all the people are…

Disaster Response

I’ve been following the news about Hurricane Katrina quite closely, and have noticed a large number of stories about how bureaucracy–generally people from the same offices that were created to aid in case of disaster–has been slowing down the response.

Has the Bible been Repeatedly Translated?

I have repeatedly heard the claim that the Bible has been translated many times, and that as a result of this, one cannot be certain of what it says. This is used in two different ways. First, skeptics claim that one cannot rely on the Bible because such translation will introduce errors. Second, there are supporters of the scientific reliability of the Bible who will claim that if it is just translated correctly, then we will discover scientific accuracy. In this second view, most or even all claims of scientific inaccuracy are the result of translation errors.

Let’s look at the basics of the process of translation, and the history of the Biblical text to see if these claims are justified. I’m largely interested in the second claim, which is often used in arguing in favor of creationism of one sort or another.


Welcome to Threads from Henry’s Web. I am starting this blog to replace the series of essays that I have been posting on my web site. The blog format brings me kicking and sceaming into the 21st centry. All kicking and screaming aside, it will allow me to create new essays more easily, and also…