Pelicans Back Home – Win 5-3

Update: The Pensacola News Journal now has a report here.

After a depressing road trip and a delay filled return, the Pelicans got off to a late start against the Shreveport Sports. John Webb (my stepson, for those who haven’t realized it yet!) started for the Pelicans and went 6.2, allowing 3 runs, 2 earned. The official stats aren’t showing the last game yet, but it looks to me like that puts his ERA at 2.89.

Despite one error that allowed a run, and one inherited runner who scored on a wild pitch (that’s the 2nd earned run against John) the Pelicans looked much better than they have. The errors (or lack of them) alone doesn’t tell the story. There were a number of very well done plays, and at least one exceptionally good catch by the center fielder that simply made the game look much better.

Note that I usually put out a couple of tweets on Twitter during the games and might put out a few more if I thought anyone was reading them. Right now I’m pretty certain nobody is, so it’s just an exercise in typing on my Palm Centro.

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