Deciding to See *Knocked Up*

It may be a symptom of insanity, but amongst the 20 or so blogs I read constantly are both Pandagon (from the left) and the evangelical outpost (from the right). Generally those two blogs are so far apart that they cannot be regarded as in conversation, so I was quite surprised over the past couple of days to see reviews of the same movie–Knocked Up!–from both blogs (Pandagon Review and evangelical outpost review). What was even more interesting was that while neither was unreservedly positive, both had some good things to say about the movie.

I don’t generally like movies that are sprinkled excessively with the F-word, which is one of Carter’s main complaints, but both reviews seem to think that the decision of the main character to have the baby rather than taking the alternative of abortion is presented with sensitivity.

Perhaps I’ll have to go see it after all.

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